Thursday, July 7, 2011

drawing in progress animation

My friend Daisy has been doing little sketches on this site called odosketch, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A little love for my ladies

I have some severely talented friends who also have art blogs or etsy shops, and wanted to share them with you.

Paigey! - Paigey is a super talented artist who rocks pinup art in a really interesting and unique style that's all her own. I can tell a Paigey! drawing from a mile away. Her etsy store has tons of fun stuff!

Christy! If you've seen cupcake eating batman, you know who she is. She makes adorable geek friendly jewelry (Daleks, zomg.) and has a pretty amazing portfolio ranging from pixel art to cartoon characters in historical settings. She's also currently looking for a company to lend her awesomeness to, so if you're hiring, send her a note!

Daisy! Daisy is an animator who works with a social gaming company Crowdstar (Check out their game Top Girl if you haven't already) who draws prolifically in her spare time! Her blog is chock full of pretty ladies! :D

They all keep me around because I'm the only friend they have whose name doesn't end with a Y. I like to be different.

Nancy from The Craft

I was watching the Craft for the 678th time, and drew a caricature of the lovely miss Fairuza Balk as Nancy. She's totally why I got a nose ring. <3 her!